Examination Eligibility Criteria

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The scheme of Examination for BDS course shall be divided in four academic years

240 days minimum teaching in each academic year is mandatory. The examination will be open to a candidate who satisfies the required attendance and other rules laid down by the university as under.


1. 75% in theory and 75% in Practical/Clinicals attendance in each year is mandatory.


2. The course will start in the month of August each academic year.


3. Any candidate who fails in one subject in an examination will be permitted to go to the next higher class and appear for the subject and complete it successfully before he is permitted to appear for the next higher examination .


4. Regular University exams will be conducted in July and supplementary exams in February every year.


5. 50% is pass mark for both Theory and Practicals/Clinicals.


6. The University awards first class to studens who score more than 65% and distinction for thos wo score 75% and above.