The department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics was established in the year 2016, with contemporary design and is equipped with modern dental chairs, latest instruments and materials.

The department is bestowed with dedicated and experienced faculty, committed to excellence in Education. The department provides excellent patient care, Research activity and offers excellent UG & PG training programmes


  • The department aims at offering quality dental treatment to patients at a reasonable cost.
  • The department provides comprehensive training for UG and PG students.
  • Department aims at training& providing quality dentist to the society.
  • The department aims at training & creating competitive or competant dentist to the society.
  • To preserve the tooth in esthetic and restorative form.

Lab facilities & Equipment available   : The department encompasses the following lab facilities:

UG & PG Pre-clinical lab; Wet & Dry lab, Casting lab for UG and PG, Ceramic Lab, Phantom Head simulation lab.

We have state of the art equipments like : Equipments for casting  procedures, Equipments for ceramics fabrication including induction casting machines/ burnout preheat furnaces/ wax elimination furnaces, Lab micro motor/ metal grinders / sand blasters/ polishing lathes/ duplicator equipment/ vacuum investment equipments,

Services/Treatment offered     :

In addition the department caters to the various restorative needs of the patients like – Silver amalgam, Glass ionomer, Composite restoration, Pit and fissure sealants, Preventive resin restoration, Indirect restoration

COSMETIC PROCEDURES like Veeners, Bleaching, Diastema closure

SAVING THE TOOTH WITH ENDODONTIC PROCEDURES like Pulp capping procedures, Root Canal Treatment, Perforation repair, Apexogenesis, Apexification, Regenerative procedures, Periapical surgery, Management of traumatic injuries and resorption, Hemisection, Intentional Reimplantation

POST ENDODONTIC RESTORATIONS like Custom cast posts, Prefabricated posts, Light transmitting posts, Metal ceramic crowns, All Ceramic crowns.

CARIES PREVENTION COUNSELLING like Counselling the patients regarding the importance of regular dental checkup and maintainence of proper oral hygiene. Educating the patients regarding measures for early caries diagnosis and its prevention, Diet counselling.




  • Preclinical training in simulation lab for various procedures like class I,II,III,IV,V, IV on plaster models and typhodont tooth.
  • Amalgam and glass ionomer restoration


  • Introduction to clinicals
  • Case history discussion
  • Allotment of clinical cases (class I)


  • Allotment of clinical cases ( class I, class II, Amalgam, Glass ionomer, miracle mix, composite restorations)
  • Clinical cases are been treated by the students.
  • Assisting the faculty & Pg’s in special cases.
  • Trained to use special equipments.
  • Introduction to anterior root canal treatment and excercise on extracted tooth


  • Anterior RCT cases allotment
  • All types of restoration
  • Assisting for special cases (faculty and PG)
  • Demonstration of special equipments
  • Posters, seminars presentations in department
  • Motivating to present papers and posters in Clinical society meeting and conferences.



Clinical cases:

  • All types of restorations
  • Esthestic cases
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Veneers, inlays, onlays
  • Anterior and posterior RCT
  • Periapical surgeries
  • Intentional reimplatation
  • Traumatic injuries management
  • Regenerative procedures
  • Post endodontic restorations



  • Journal clubs and seminars
  • Dissertation and library dissertation
  • Paper and poster presentations in Conferences, PG convention and Clinical society meeting
  • Short studies.
  • Updation of Special case pictures on the Notice board on monthly basis
  • Special training on communication skills.
  • Encouraging to do swayam course.
  • Effective counseling and rapport build up with the patients

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