Code of Conduct

Code of conduct is an integral policy of Sri Venkateshwaraa Dental college. As dentists, we carry social responsibility and ethics is one of the most pivotal factors for delivering quality patient treatment with compassion and care.  This is reflected in our college vision where we emphasize on fostering seed of good values and ethics, Code of conduct ties these ideals to professional behaviour standards.  

Our policy for code of conduct lays out the institution’s principles, standards, the moral and ethical values that students as well as employees are expected to follow.


SVDC’s code of conduct mainly focuses on four arms: 
  1. Commitment,
  2. Optimism,
  3. Discipline
  4.  Ethics

Having a strong, ethical code of conduct is essential to build a culture of compliance throughout an institution. SVDC’s  code of conduct is an excellent exercise to focus  on how students and employees should behave at work and the standards they should uphold and how they should conduct themselves peers, staffs, patients. 

The students are directed to follow ethical principles in day to day practice: 
  1. Being Committed, disciplined and honest
  2. Being compassionate to patients and delivering the best dental care.
  3. The are taught to build proper communication skills towards their patients as well as peers.
  4. Abiding by the principles of dental ethics- Autonomy, Beneficence, Nonmalaficence, justice

The students and staffs are directed to follow the rules and regulations  given by the Committee of Code of Conduct.  The students and staffs are periodically sensitized about their roles and responsibilities. 

Several committees in SVDC actively monitor Code of Conduct – Anti ragging Committee, Students Grievance Redressal Committee, Internal Complaints Committee, Mentor Mentee play a vital role in addressing any breach in code of conduct. 

Here in SVDC, we have a handbook for Code of Conduct, which consists of set of guidelines to be followed by Students, Staffs – including Principal,  teaching and support staff. 

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