Dudes usually are simple if they speak. They don’t generally speaking try to be cryptic or chat “around” a subject. They truly are all business and reasoning, therefore if they aren’t sleeping, these include probably only telling it think its great is actually. You shouldn’t look for plenty of subtext involving the outlines since there most likely isn’t.

If according to him you aren’t his kind but he’s nevertheless interested, take it at face value. The guy most likely is attempting to declare that he is usually not keen on major, brainy women, but there’s simply some thing about you that intrigues him.

If he’s just into sex, the guy most likely won’t mention you’re not his type, as that would work against their milfs online game. He’ll either lay on the allure plus the old familiar lines, or he will claim that you two should get with each other for a few enjoyable sometime.

He’ll say you are “hot” instead of telling you you are quite. He will eyeball you up-and-down like a frozen dessert sundae, and he’ll move around in close in an aggressive rather than sensitive way. You are a woman, thus use your intuition. You’ll know exactly what he is actually into, one way and/or additional.