• Nestled in Pondicherry, Sri Venkateshwaraa Dental College is renowned for its Prosthodontics Postgraduate program, offering a dynamic blend of theory and hands-on experience. With a robust influx of outpatients, students tackle a diverse range of cases, from routine procedures to intricate prosthetic reconstructions, including Hybrid denture prosthesis, implant-retained overdentures, All-on-4 implants, and All-on-6 implants etc.


  • At the core of the Department is its cutting-edge in-house laboratory, where postgraduates leverage advanced technology to craft innovative solutions, including treating temporomandibular disorders and maxillofacial prostheses like cranial plates. From implant-retained obturators to precision attachments and smile designs, they translate theory into practice with finesse.


  • The curriculum goes beyond traditional boundaries, empowering students to master preclinical exercises, routine and challenging clinical cases and complex procedures like cast partial dentures, full-mouth rehabilitations, and implant-supported prostheses. Interdisciplinary collaboration with other departments for treatment planning of complex cases fosters a holistic approach to patient care, preparing students for excellence in the ever-evolving field of Prosthodontics.