Oral Pathology

  • Oral Pathology is a branch of dentistry that involves the study and understanding of the basic oral tissues and correlating with the diseases that affect them.The subject acts as a bridge between basic sciences and clinical dentistry.
  • The department of Oral Pathology at Sri Venkateshwaraa Dental College is equipped with a 100 seating capacity practical lab, 50 light microscopes, slide projection system and complete set of teaching slides and tooth models.
  • Besides, the preclinical lab, the clinical oral pathology lab is provided with 2 dental chairs for patient examination and histopathology lab for processing of biopsy and cytology samples.
  • The department also has its own library with adequate collection of books for student reference.The students attend the department duly their first three years of the BDS program.The subjects covered by the department includes Oral Histology, Tooth Morph, dental anatomy, oral pathology and forensic odontology.These core subjects along with other basic science subjects give the students a strong foundation enabling them to be better clinicians and competent doctors in future.

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