Oral Medicine & Radiology

Mouth is the mirror of the human body.Bridging the gap between dentistry and medicine is the specialty of Oral Medicine and Radiology. Diagnosis is the fundamental cornerstone of all health services. The specialty of Oral Medicine & Radiology is a specialty of dentistry that deals with Diagnosis & medical management of wide spectra of Oral and Maxillofacial pathologies.  It is unique in that it combines Medicine and Radiology.


The Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology, Sri Venkateshwaraa Dental College is well equipped with adequate infra-structure for Diagnostic services & Radiology services.

The Department has highly qualified&efficient faculties. The faculties are dedicated&skilled in Diagnosis of wide array of Oral & Maxillofacial pathologies; conventional & advanced imaging modalities.The faculties are enthusiastically involved in research & publications.

The faculties are sincerely involved in training the Undergraduates with all essential clinical skills with current updates related to diagnosis & radiography to meet the global standards of education, research & patient care.Theyare student friendly engaged in student centric teaching methods encouraging students to participate & excel in various scientific forums.


The Departmentof Oral Medicine & Radiology offers Diagnostic services & medical management of multiple Oral & Maxillofacial pathologies which include

Key areas:

  • Mucosal lesions
  • Orofacial pain
  • Temperomandibular disorders
  • Salivary gland pathologies
  • Early screening of potentially malignant disorders
  • Education & counseling as part of Tobacco cessation
  • Dental care of medically compromised patient
  • Evaluation of oral sepsis of infection for cases referred from medical specialties
  • Bridge to medical specialty for patients with Oral manifestations of systemic diseases


The Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology offers excellent Radiology services with well- equipped Radiology section which includes Digital intra oral & extra oral radiography.The radiographic machines are regularly subjected to quality assurance with AERB certification.

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