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1. Academic Cell

To improve the understanding between students, their parents, the various departments and the college, an Academic Cell has been serving to mediate between them. Academic Cell works under the guidance of the Principal, the Vice Principal, the HODs and Department faculties. It focuses on student development and monitors thier studies and attendance and provides counseling to the students in need.

2. Anti Ragging Committee

The College has an Anti-Ragging Committee in order to prohibit ragging inside the institution


The Anti Ragging Committee has the following members


  •  Prof. Dr. S. Senthilnathan, MDS Principal
  •  Prof. Dr. R. Sudhakar, MDS Professor & HOD
  •  Dr. S. Shabana Fathima., MDS Reader
  •  Dr. S. Satheesh Babu, MDS Sr. Lecturer
  •  Dr. N. Megalaa, MDS Sr. Lecturer
  •  Mr. S. Krishnamoorthy Boys Hostel Warden
  •  Ms. N. Nantheshwari Girls Hostel Warden


There has been no incidence of ragging for the past 4 years.

3. Sexual Harassment Committee

The college has a sexual harassment committee in order to prevent sexual harassment of studens and staff inside the institution.


The Sexual Harassment Committee has the following members


  •  Dr. S. Senthilnathan, Principal – Sri Venkateshwaraa Dental College
  •  Dr. Bindu Meera John, Reader – Dept of Conservative Dentistry
  •  Dr. H. Gayathri, Reader, Dept of Periodontics
  •  Mr. Ninan Cherian, Administrative Officer
  •  Mrs. S. Mahalakshmi, Academic Assistant
  •  Mr. Inbaraj, Staff Nurse
  •  Mrs. Suganthi, Librarian
  •  Mrs. R. Thayarammal, Attender


There has been no incidence of sexual harassment for the past 4 years.

4. Student Counselling Center


The College has student counseling center to provide students free, confidential mental health counseling delivered by trained mental health professionals. Students in crisis will be provided support and counseling by the medical college professionals and our college staff.


The Center helps students deal with stresses related to physical or mental illness (e.g., depression, anxiety), family issues, identity confusion, time management ( e.g., late to classes, not completing assignments) , end of important relationships, illness or death of a loved one, moving away from home or financial concerns.