Common dental problems

  • Damage to a tooth surface or enamel
  • It happens when bacteria in your mouth make
  • acids that destroys enamel.  
  • If untreated, it can lead to sensitivity and pain.


Treatment option depends on the severity and extent

of dental caries ranging from filling to root canal treatment.


  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Dehydration
  • Dry mouth
  • Smoking
  • Periodontal problems


Depending on the underlying cause of the bad breath, treatment differs. Generally, your dentist advises you to rinse your mouth properly after every meal, drink more water, brush twice daily and in some instances mouthwashes are indicated.

Irreversible loss of tooth structure which may be painful and impairs the function of the teeth


  • Bruxism,
  • Acidic foods & drinks,
  • GERD
  • Vigorous tooth brushing
Dentist identifies the cause for the wear and treats you based on the amount of tooth structure lost     DENTAL VENEERS          DENTALCROWNS
  • It is due to the accumulation of plaque at the gum line this will leads to a condition called gingivitis (inflamed gums).
  • * Deficiency of vitamin K and C.



  • Consume vitamin C and K rich foods and supplements ( citrus, gooseberry, tomato, potato, leafy greens )
  • If it is severe, consult a dentist.



It is when your teeth feel discomfort or pain when you eat or drinksomething cold, hot and sweet


  • Vigorous Tooth Brushing
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum recession 



  • Fluoride treatment      
  •  Correcting dental caries with a filling

It refers to staining or darkening of teeth.




Avoidable causes:

  •  Dark colored food and beverages           
  • Smoking

Unavoidable causes:              

  •  Dental trauma  
  • Ageing
  • RCT
  •  Medications, Certain diseases and Cancer


 Dentist use different tooth discoloration treatments depending on the underlying cause and whether the stains affect the outer or inner layer of your teeth.

Painful sores on lips, gums and tongue etc….

      CAUSES :

  • Cuts are burns while eating foods accidentally bite cheek
  • Food allergy ( acidic foods)
  • Damaging your gums using tooth brush
  • Stress


  • Consult a dentist.
  • Spicy, acidic foods should be avoided
  • Drink plenty of water and practice good oral hygiene

                 Malocclusion is when your teeth do not fit together properly when you bite.


   – Any injuries to jaw

  – Genetics

  -Thumb sucking habit



 – Orthodontic Braces                                  

– Severe cases surgery

It refers to pain in or around your tooth.


                  Abscessed tooth                                                                     

                  Cracked tooth

                  Other causes like  damaged dental

Treatment, temporary gum Irritation can lead to toothache.

 Toothache is felt as any of the following:


Consult a dentist.            

Dentist will ask about your symptoms and perform an examination.

Dental X – rays are indicated to see if there are any issues going on beneath your gums

 – teeth sensitivity

 – dull ache that doesn’t go away

 – swelling in your gums

Oral cancer includes cancer of mouth and the back of throat.

        * Occurs in people over the age of 40.

         *Affects more than twice as many men as women


           Tobacco use ( smoking and smokeless forms )

           Drinking alcohol


         *A sore irritation in your mouth

         *White or red patch in your mouth

         * A lump in the neck

         *Difficulty in chewing swallowing and speaking.

         *Pain or bleeding in mouth

         *Persistent sore throat.

➡If you have any of the above symptoms for more than two weeks immediately consult the doctor.